Crafting Effective Product Titles on Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by MISC CREW with ChatGPT on on 22nd Mar 2023

Introduction: Writing an effective product title for Amazon can make a significant difference in your product's visibility and success. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential requirements, tips, and examples to create the perfect title for your product listing.

Title Requirements: To ensure that your product is not suppressed from Amazon search results, follow these four requirements:

  1. Adhere to the recommended title length for your product category.
  2. Avoid promotional phrases and decorations.
  3. Include product-identifying information.
  4. Refrain from using prohibited characters.

Title Length: The preferred title length varies across categories, but it is generally recommended to keep it concise, ideally under 80 characters.

Tips for Quality Titles:

  1. Use proper capitalization and avoid ALL CAPS.
  2. Use numerals instead of spelling out numbers.
  3. Avoid non-language ASCII characters.
  4. Keep titles simple and informative.
  5. Refrain from using subjective commentary.
  6. Use necessary punctuation and abbreviations.
  7. Do not include your merchant name in titles.
  8. Include size and color variations for child ASINs.
  9. Follow category-specific title rules.

Variation Relationships: For products with variations, include the variation attributes (size, color) in the title of the child ASIN.

Example: Keep titles simple, reflecting what's on the physical packaging of a product. For instance, "MISC BRANDS Wrist Wraps, Jet Black, Men's Wrist Size 7-7.5".

Common FAQs:

  1. Title and product name are synonymous.
  2. Prohibited characters in brand names are exempt from title requirements.
  3. Begin your title with the product’s brand name.
  4. For generic products, enter "generic" in the brand name field.
  5. Check suppressed listings on the Manage Inventory page.
  6. Contact Seller Support for title correction requests.
  7. Brand-registered products have the same title requirements.
  8. Title requirements apply to FBA, SFP, and MFN uniformly.
  9. Model numbers in titles depend on category style guides.
  10. Include key product-identifying information to avoid search-suppression.

By following these guidelines, you can create effective product titles that capture customer attention and boost your product's visibility on Amazon.


To create effective product titles on Amazon, adhere to the recommended title length, avoid promotional phrases and decorations, include product-identifying information, and refrain from using prohibited characters. Keep titles concise, informative, and follow category-specific rules. This will help improve your product's visibility and customer experience on the platform.